Elo Boosting/Coaching

High Quality, Fast and Professional!

Elo Boosting/Coaching – High Quality, Fast and Professional


Safe & secure

• We've gone through many of orders including challenging ones such as Unranked to Diamond 4 within a week.
• We ensure that your account is in no danger and that your boost is discreet.
• You will not appear online during a boost.
• All of our boosters are able to use a VPN, ensuring that your account will not look suspicious by any means.
• We also allow you to pick champions and roles for a fee.
• Nobody has ever been banned or chat restricted using our service as of April 12 2019
• Our services are available 24/7.
• For more information, go to Our Services or FAQ.

Joining our team

• Our boosting team is not open to just anybody who can get into the higher echelons of the ranked ladder.
• We use an application process to make sure we work with only the best and most competent high elo players to ensure you a quality boost.
• We use a rigorous metric along with test games to assess the skills of our applicants.
• Through careful examination of our team we ensure that only the best boosters are working with you and that your account is in good hands.
• Our job is to ensure that only the best play on your account.

Fair Pricing

• Cheap prices can be due to shaky business models on other boosting sites.
• You get what you pay for, this also applies to the consistency and quality of a boost your purchase.
• Expensive services can be similar to other services in experience but cost an arm and a leg.
• Here at Cosmic Boosting we charge FAIR prices to ensure that our boosters get paid an adequate amount. This helps ensure the high quality service we strive to deliver.
• We also offer price matching for websites. If you can find a website that is charging cheaper (Discounts do not apply) we will happily beat the price by 10%! Please join our discord and message us with proof.

User Review

"Used this service for placements twice for the past two seasons. Gold 4 in Season 7 and Gold 3 in Season 8, was very quick and efficient.

Season 7 and 8 Placements
Patient Fig

User Review

"Great experience. Duoed from Platinum 1 to Diamond 4 in ~7 hours, the booster never tilted nor flamed in chat and popped off a lot. I would recommend. His Kled is 1v9!

Duo Platinum 1 to Diamond 4

User Reviews

“Good service and communication. Fast process and owner personally took care of me to confirm Max satisfaction. Recommend 10/10”

Boosted from Silver 4 to Gold 4

User Reviews

“This place is the best I could find. Prices are unbeatable. Customer service is unreal.”

Silver 4 to Platinum 4
Vladimir Main

User Reviews

"Amazing service, got a few games in Platinum 2 & 1 and he hard carried every game. prices also extremely reasonable, I would highly recommend Cosmic Boosting"

Duo Platinum 2 & 1 Net Wins
Divisions Climbed
Jobs Completed

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